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Welcome to Ezekiel's Bones

This website explores the various strange visions found in the books of Ezekiel, Zechariah and Jeremiah. These visions describe the objects that populate David's Fallen Tent, a reference from Acts 15 itself quoting Amos 6. The collective purpose of these objects is to show how to establish the proof of inspiration of divinely inspired text.


This section deals with the journey from the standard Protestant understanding of Hebrew and Greek. This history frames our understanding of the Bible and the problems that must be solved to recover the inspired form.

  • Protestant Assumptions

    Martin Luther shifted popular attention from the Pope to the text. Over time the text itself became the battle field for many theological disputes. The modern Protestant church carries many assumptions from that era. Some of them are false. (3,611 words)

  • Aramaic Primacy

    The western branches of Christianity believe the New Testament was written in Greek. This is a disputable point. This article explores the argument. It shows why Greek is a translation of Aramaic. (3,035 words)

  • Translator Issues

    When we read translations of original language texts we are using the work of translators. They tend to have language skills and not theological skills. After Galileo, the church started solving problems by spiritualizing stories and changing the meanings of words. This article explores these problems by giving Greek and Hebrew examples. (2,362 words)

  • Paleo Hebrew

    Under Construction. (88 words)


The Lamp is one of the most well known of the Tabernacle Items. Articles in this section explore the lamp and provide the files needed to build a 3d printed lamp.

  • Builders Photos

    This article shows various photos of the completed lamp. (180 words)

  • Purchased Parts

    This article lists of the parts that need to be purchased in order to assemble the lame. Links are to Amazon for exact parts, but equivalents can be substituted. A well equipped shop should have many of these parts. (943 words)

  • Electrical Safety

    This is a real electrical lamp. It must be wired correctly and safely. This article explains some key points to remember when wiring this lamp. (449 words)

  • Builders Notes

    This article goes through notes for building the lamp. (523 words)

  • Plastics Used

    This article lists the plastics used. It also explains how plastic is a substitution from metallic gold as called out in the text. (637 words)

  • Downloads

    This set of files is used to build the lamp Tabernacle Item. This is a wired lamp that stands about 2 feet tall. (117 words)


A few articles about the team.

  • About

    Jacob, to the 12 tribes scattered among the peoples, greetings. (Matthew 13:17) (990 words)

  • Contact

    Contact us in the following ways. (158 words)

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There are various indexes, here are the links.

  • Index to Scripture References

    This page lists all the scripture references on the website. Sorted by Bible books. (108 words)

  • Site Map

    Use this list of chapters and articles to manage a complete read of everything here. This is listed in normal reading order. (108 words)