Plastics Used

This article lists the plastics used. It also explains how plastic is a substitution from metallic gold as called out in the text.

From The Files

The following table is generated from the file names and indicates the complete set of plastic colors needed for fabricating the lamp.

Materials List
Gold    Gold
Purple    Purple
Red    Red
Orange    Orange
Yellow    Yellow
Green    Green
Blue    Blue

Note that the primary color is gold, and then there are very small amounts of accent colors used to apply writing on the various lamp bases.

The use of gold color is called out in the text when it describes this tabernacle item. So to be faithful to the original description, gold color should be used on the lamp.

A variation on the use of gold plastic would be to use some other color plastic and then paint the lamp in gold. This is more work, requires safe use of paint, and would nick to the base color over time.

Silk Gold Plastic

Various suppliers of 3d plastic filament offer plastic that is called Silk Gold. This is shiny like real gold and can be very beautiful when finished.

We have never had much luck printing parts using silk plastics of any type. So we generally make these models using regular gold plastics. If you can reliably print in Silk Gold, then this could be a good choice for fabricating the lamp.

Highlight Colors

The writing on the lamp is very important. The colors are from the rainbow and are intentionally in order when looking at the lamp from the front.

Note, though, that the purple color is used for both the first and the last of the lamps. Those 2 sockets are marked with small purple dots. Those are punctuation characters and surround the word spelled on the other 5 lamp sockets.

The LED Christmas lights should be selected from the same colors, they should match.

Modern Materials

Use of plastic is a modern substitution on the use of real gold as called out in the text.

The ancient design would have not only used metallic gold, but would have used oil lamps with their attendant wick trimming controls and colored globes.

By using colored LED Christmas lights we get an easy to obtain and safe substitution for those ancient materials.

Original Description

The lamp is based on the design for the lamp given in Exodus 25.

Not that the original directions call out 1 single piece of cast gold material for the entire lamp.

Widely available 3d printers do not have print beds large enough to print the entire lamp as 1 solid piece. This is a concession to printing the lamp in plastic instead of in cast metallic gold.

Note that this description of the lamp leaves off the use of colored globes atop the lamp. As with many other of the tabernacle items, the exact details are omitted from the text. It requires prophetic insight as to the use of the item in order to understand these missing details.