The Lamp is one of the most well known of the Tabernacle Items. Articles in this section explore the lamp and provide the files needed to build a 3d printed lamp.

  • Builders Photos

    This article shows various photos of the completed lamp. (180 words)

  • Purchased Parts

    This article lists of the parts that need to be purchased in order to assemble the lame. Links are to Amazon for exact parts, but equivalents can be substituted. A well equipped shop should have many of these parts. (943 words)

  • Electrical Safety

    This is a real electrical lamp. It must be wired correctly and safely. This article explains some key points to remember when wiring this lamp. (449 words)

  • Builders Notes

    This article goes through notes for building the lamp. (523 words)

  • Plastics Used

    This article lists the plastics used. It also explains how plastic is a substitution from metallic gold as called out in the text. (637 words)

  • Downloads

    This set of files is used to build the lamp Tabernacle Item. This is a wired lamp that stands about 2 feet tall. (117 words)