Electrical Safety

This is a real electrical lamp. It must be wired correctly and safely. This article explains some key points to remember when wiring this lamp.

Use Only LED Bulbs

This lamp is 3d printed from easy to print plastics. Most plastics have a low melting temperature.

To keep the lamp safe to use, only LED Bulbs should be used. This type of bulb uses very low amounts of electricity and they run at low temperature.

Use a Fuse

Even if the original builder only uses LED bulbs, someone may come along later and replace those bulbs with regular incandescent lamps.

This is dangerous, and can cause the plastic to melt or at worst start a fire.

To prevent this, it is important to keep the lamp safe for future users. So it is very important to Fuse the lamp.

This should be done on the hot lead with an inline fuse buried inside the lamp.

Use a fuse not larger than a 0.2 amps as called out in the parts list.

Double Insulate

Safe electrical wiring is characterized by always double insulation.

This means there is always 2 layers of insulation between the outside of the lamp and any electrical conductors inside the lamp.

The insulating plastic of the lamp frame itself provides 1 layer of that insulation.

The insulation on the wires provides the other layer of insulation.

At places inside the lamp where there are electrical connections, care must be taken to continue the insulation provided by the insulation on the wire.

This is usually done with either electrical tape or with heat shrink tubing.

These provide the 2nd layer of insulation.

This double insulation is to protect people from electrocution should the outer frame fail in some way, like the lamp falling off a table.

Seek Help

If you have never wired a lamp before, you should find someone who can teach you how to safely wire a lamp.