This section deals with the journey from the standard Protestant understanding of Hebrew and Greek. This history frames our understanding of the Bible and the problems that must be solved to recover the inspired form.

  • Protestant Assumptions

    Martin Luther shifted popular attention from the Pope to the text. Over time the text itself became the battle field for many theological disputes. The modern Protestant church carries many assumptions from that era. Some of them are false. (3,611 words)

  • Aramaic Primacy

    The western branches of Christianity believe the New Testament was written in Greek. This is a disputable point. This article explores the argument. It shows why Greek is a translation of Aramaic. (3,035 words)

  • Translator Issues

    When we read translations of original language texts we are using the work of translators. They tend to have language skills and not theological skills. After Galileo, the church started solving problems by spiritualizing stories and changing the meanings of words. This article explores these problems by giving Greek and Hebrew examples. (2,362 words)

  • Paleo Hebrew

    Under Construction. (88 words)


  • Paleo Hebrew preceded Hebrew as we know it now. This article will explore the known history of Hebrew. The main event was 2500 years ago when Paleo Hebrew was dropped for non-vowel pointed Hebrew. Then 1500 years ago Hebrew was changed with the additions of vowel points.
  • Seekins This article will explore the work of Seekins and his workbook that suggests a system of word definitions based on spelling. This is often used in Messianic circles for intense study of the OT text.
  • Layers of Interpretation This article will define the various layers of interpretation. These layers stratify manuscript problems into easy to understand problem domains.
  • Audited Text This article will explore the motivations of our original goal of creating a single alphabet manuscript of the entire Bible. This goal drove the prophetic visions that continue now.
  • The Testimony This article will frame our current goal of finding the audited manuscript of the inspired parts of the Bible.